Baron Von Terror presents:
Plan 9 from outer space
Livestream June 4 at 8:00


Never before has a film been so horrific and frightening that all who watch it refer to it as "cringe-worthy". Yet since our theater is empty, we can show this classic without fear that our staff will have to keep dragging out audience members who've fainted from fear.
We show it on the big screen; you show it on your favorite device. Much safer for all involved.

Our beloved planet Earth is in grave danger, as an evil alien mastermind enacts "Plan 9", bringing the dead back to life in Hollywood, The living dead aim to kill all those who stand in the way of their masters conquering the planet, and since slow and steady win the race, these ambling corpses could prove unstoppable. Directed by Ed Wood, on of classic Hollywood's most legendary talents.

Throughout the film, Baron Von Terror will guide the audience through the shiver-inducing story to make sure we all get through the night in one piece.

Thursday June 4th at 8:00pm

Baron Von Terror presents:
Night of the Living Dead
Livestream June 11 at 8:00

They're coming to get you Barbara!

To our loyal patrons/friends,

As Washington state continues taking measures towards containing the covid-19 virus, new regulations mean Central Cinema’s screen is going dark for now. Our lobby cafe is also not offering seating during this time.

As of today, Monday March 16, we have canceled all future screenings and events. All pre-purchased tickets have been refunded. We hope to reschedule many of the upcoming titles for when our screen once again shines bright.

Believe us when we tell you we will genuinely miss all of you during these times. All of us here at Central Cinema truly love providing Seattle with awesome cinematic experiences and cool one-of-a-kind events. The loss of revenue will hurt, but not as much as missing out on sharing cult favorites and crowd-pleasers with all of you.


Many of you have offered to help with our sudden financial turmoil by picking up some gift cards. This is such a nice gesture, Thank You! We will be paying you back with Shows, Drinks, and Food on the other side of this. If you would like to contribute this way the gift card page is

For further updates, you can always check our website and social media:

Stay safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing you as soon as the time is right.


Kate & Kevin
Central Cinema