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Sue Ann Harkey's


Thur-Fri-Sat-Sun  Noon til Six

Since you are spending so much time at home still, come shop for a little something for your place that has stood the test of time. Til the end of March you can peruse vintage wool blankets, framed artwork, and various old housewares.

Sue Ann has carefully curated quality vintage items. With an emphasis on original art works, etchings, prints, paintings, vintage wool blankets andethnic textiles, books, mid-century furniture and glass.

Thur-Fri-Sat-Sun Noon til Six

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Hello from Central Cinema!  ....yes we are still CLOSED.

As Washington state moves into Phase 2 reopening in the pandemic, the current regulations mean Central Cinema’s screen will be dark for a little while longer. Central Cinema will be part of Phase 3 reopening whenever that happens. The kitchen is also shut down so no take-out until we reopen.


Technically the State is allowing Phase 2 reopening of movie theaters and restaurants at 25% seating with proper virus protections. BUT (we have a big but) the infections are still rising in King county while the vaccine roll out keeps seeing delays. The State has warned us that they may have to close things down again if there is another flare up. SO we aren't going to risk it just yet. We would also feel so awful if people ended up getting sick in our theater. It's better for all of us to sit tight a little longer so we can open up in better circumstances.



How about having a movie theater all to yourself! During the pandemic shutdown it is still possible to have a movie theater experience for up to six people. The place is mostly shut down so it can be kinda spooky, maybe a horror film is whats needed. Contact Liz from our rental page to see what we can work out for you.

Believe us when we tell you we will genuinely miss all of you during these times. All of us here at Central Cinema truly love providing Seattle with awesome cinematic experiences and cool one-of-a-kind events. The loss of revenue is rough, but not as much as missing out on sharing cult favorites and crowd-pleasers with all of you.

So keep your breath covered and stay safe out there. This virus is a killer so please don't take chances with your health. We want to see your smiling face again on the other side of this.



Many of you have offered to help with our sudden financial turmoil by picking up some gift cards. This is such a nice gesture, Thank You! You will be using that again soon for Shows, Drinks, and Food on the other side of this. If you would like to contribute this way the gift card page is

Stay safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing you as soon as the time is right.


Kate & Kevin
Central Cinema